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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Chengdu Rongguang carbon adhere to the "proactive innovation, persistent pursuit of success" concept, the implementation of "people-oriented, integrity first, to build a harmonious new Rongguang" strategy. Strengthen the operation and management, professional skills, production staff three talented team building. Unity is strength, through teamwork, to achieve common progress and common development of enterprises and employees.

The core concept of the enterprise: is conducive to the government; is conducive to business; is conducive to employees.

Management philosophy: strong internal quality, outreach image; rule by law, integrity first.

Marketing philosophy: God pay ground, attentive service, market-oriented and actively looking for new users.

Quality concept: scientific management, production of quality products, continuous improvement, enhance customer satisfaction.

Production approach: to Pin Dingchan, the quality and quantity, production and sales to achieve double harvest.

Innovative ideas: proactive innovation, persistent pursuit of success.

It is the concentration of Rongguang carbon corporate culture, not only reflects the future development trend of Rongguang carbon, but also reflects the value orientation of Rongguang carbon human behavior, Rongguang carbon is a valuable spiritual wealth.

The company provides every employee with a challenging work environment and ample room for growth, giving full play to the autonomy and creativity of the staff and proud of the achievements made. We are convinced that with each person's growth, the company will have the power of development and cohesion, a total of new glories.



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