Fangda Group three wings fluttering fly together

Time:2017-10-13 16:39

  Party pilot pilot this drive

  Fangda Group three wings fluttering fly together

  Right now, from early autumn to early autumn, Liaoning Fangda Group Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangda Group) is ushering in the development of spring.

  In 2017, the carbon industry with many years of silence released an unprecedented explosive force. The large carbon board seized every once in a while market opportunity and the performance was very eye-catching. According to its semi-annual report data, the total operating income of Fangda Carbon reached 1,813.43 million yuan in the first half of the year, up by 69.23 %; Net profit attributable to parent company 411.85 million yuan, an increase of 2647.66%.

  After the winter's steel industry, pick-up has taken place since 2016. On the basis of the contrarian trend of the steel sector in the recent years, all the indicators have hit record highs. From January to August 2017, the total profits and taxes have reached 7 billion yuan, of which profits Compared with the full year of 2016, it has doubled.

  On August 10, 2017, Fangda Group signed a medical cooperation agreement with Yingkou Municipal Government in Liaoning Province, marking the formal joining of the three hospitals in Yingkou.

  Carbon, steel plate thick deposits, the medical sector officially set sail, Fangda Group is showing an unprecedented momentum of development.

  Party building culture pilot

  "Four Immutable" is a major principle established by Fangda Group in conducting medical cooperation with Yingkou Municipal Government this year. It is to keep the current status of hospital staff unchanged, to accept the regulation of the government sector unchanged, and to keep the public welfare functions and social responsibilities unchanged , The management of the party work group unchanged.

  Party members wearing the emblem posts, "two studies one to do" more in-depth ......

  Clear the values ​​of "in favor of the government, in favor of the patients, in favor of the employees and in favor of the hospital", and immediately implement the "three declines": lowering medicine costs, lowering surgery fees and lowering hospital fees.

  A series of initiatives make hospital cadre staff practical and uplifting.

  In fact, reviewing the development history of Fangda Group, these ideas are consistent.

  In 2002, Liaoning Fonda successfully restructured Fushun carbon and began to enter the carbon industry. In the same year, Liaoning Fudan realized profitability. As a result, the development direction of carbon business was initially established.

  After that, from carbon to steel, chemicals and medical treatment, it has gone through the development stages of industrial investment, restructuring and reorganization and the construction of business plates. Today, it has a total assets of more than 70 billion yuan and has spanned more than 20 provinces and municipalities in the north and south. Develop into a cross-sectoral, trans-regional and diversified business groups.

  Why did the Fangda Group achieve such an amazing fission-style development in just 15 years? Its own conclusion and feeling is that Fangda was born under the sunshine and rain shower under the policy of reform and opening up to the party and the state.

  In 2002, the report of the 16th National Congress of the CPC pointed out that it is necessary to relax the market access for domestic private capital; in 2005, the State Council released the "Notice on Encouraging and Guiding the Non-public Ownership and Economy such as Private Sector and Private Sector" Some Opinions on Development, "and promote the non-public ownership economy into a new phase of historical development. In particular, during the two sessions in 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the joint meeting of the DPP and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, using the three key words of "unshakeable two", "three unchanged" and "acquired sense" , To private enterprises to eat "reassurance", for the development of private economy brought a mighty east.

  The growth and development of Fangda Group has benefited from this historic opportunity. It is exactly this position that Fangda Group regards "listening to the party's words and walking with the party" as its corporate policy and turning it into Solid practice, in strict accordance with the party and state policies for the development of enterprises, will return the party and government, return to the internalization of the value of their own pursuit of value.

  Adhere to the law-based enterprises. From reorganizing Fushun Carbon to Lanzhou Hailong Technology (now "Fangda Carbon"), afterwards, Fangda Chemical, Fangda Special Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Development Hospital and Fangda Group are all through fair and open auction, delisting or market Equity transfer, capital increase and other ways to obtain controlling stake, after the government state-owned assets management or securities management and other departments for approval, adhere to the law compliance and standardize the operation;

  From carbon, steel, to medical treatment, reflects its industry to serve the country, to contribute to the community's pursuit and aspiration.

  Insist on repaying the society, enthusiastic about social welfare. For more than a decade, Fangda Group donated over 400 million yuan to all walks of life.

  Adhere to the rule of law enterprises. "Enterprises must pay tax on time according to law, tax evasion and tax fraud, who violated the dismissal!" For more than a decade, the tax amount of the Fangda Group increased year by year. In 2010-2016 alone, the tax paid by enterprises amounted to RMB15.05 billion, Special Steel, Jiujiang Iron and Steel, Ping An Steel and other enterprises are local taxpayers.

  In 2016, Fangda Iron & Steel Group actively responded to the call for production capacity and took the initiative to go to 600,000 tons of steel production capacity and shut down 500,000 tons of coking plant at the same time. August 30, Jiangxi Province, the iron and steel industry to resolve the overcapacity equipment dismantling ceremony took place in the Ping An Iron and Steel, showing the other side of the Iron and Steel Group to fully work capacity of the full affirmation.

  At present, all enterprises affiliated to Fangda Group are planning to build eco-tourism factories and maintain advanced standards in the industry within 10 years. A series of technical renovation projects that beautify the environment, save energy and reduce emissions are planned. Only projects and projects in the steel sector that have been planned and funded Investment reached 2 billion yuan!

  The other big group, strictly abide by the new "Environmental Protection Law", not only the red line and bottom line, but also the endogenous needs of enterprises. It is precisely because of the green development that Fangda Carbon and the steel sector have seized the opportunity of the country to increase supply-side reform and achieved sound and sustainable development.

  "What kind of culture is Fangda?"

  Fang Wei, chairman of the board of directors of Fangda Group's answer categorically: "Listen to the party's words, go with the party, this is a culture!"

  The Jiangxi Provincial Department of Political Science and Research Department in the other side of the Iron and Steel Group for nearly a week of in-depth investigation, the research report so concluded: We deeply feel that, regardless of state-owned enterprises, or private enterprises, must "listen to the party, with the party go "Only in this way can we walk the right path; regardless of state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, they are brave enough to shoulder their social responsibilities and be an emotional enterprise so that they can stand their ground and stand for a long time and become industry pacemarkers.

  People-based management engine force

  At the beginning of August 2017, Xie Feiming, who just took the chairmanship of Xinfangda Special Steel, went nonstop to participate in three meetings, bomb flat market summary analysis meeting, 2017 bomb flat key user forum and the company cadre environmental protection work conference above the middle level, Founder strategy and environmental protection are the two major tasks for the next phase of the development of Fangda Special Steel.

  While Zhong Chongwu (former chairman of Fangda Special Steel), as the chairman of Fangda Group, the controlling shareholder of Fangda Special Steel, is now considering the strategic development of Fangda Steel.

  Coincidentally, Yang Guang, Fangda Carbon's new chairman, a carbon life in the carbon industry for a lifetime, has a deep complex of carbon, although the Franchise Fangda Group soon, but the group's culture, each other's big carbon development has its own profound Understand: Fangda Carbon will always take the development of national carbon industry as its mission, to enhance industrial development and improve the technological content of products the goal.

  Similarly, as former chairman of Fangda Carbon, Yan Kui-hsing, currently the president of Fangda Group, is moving forward with the Group to develop other fronts.


  Although the changes in the top of several listed companies have caused outside conjecture and even some of the individual with ulterior motives, but people familiar with the inside story, which just reflects the Fangda Group's flexible mechanism and management advantages.

  "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong", full decentralization

  The high degree of centralization of power is a major feature of the former management of the Reorganization of the Fangda Group by the Pinggang Company. It also brings about the deep-rooted contradictions after the rapid expansion of the enterprise for many years, such as the increasingly prominent, inefficient and rigid system of the "big company disease" Enterprise development unsustainable.

  In 2012, Fangda Group entered Pinggang, "the group will not send a person, I believe Pingyao own talent." In all the unexpected eyes, Fangda Group not only did not bring a single soldier, but will be "full decentralization" as the reform of the first move.

  The headquarters of the company repositioned itself according to the function of "expending power, strengthening supervision and doing a good job of service", and becoming a truly independent legal person in the steel sub-company; openly competing for the chairman of the subsidiary ...

  Mechanism change, lead the whole body, inspire Pingdingshan all levels of great potential, walked Pingxiang development whole game.

  "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong", fully authorized to provide funds for the restructuring and reorganization of enterprises, providing a platform to adhere to the operation of the law, through the transformation of the system, the establishment of decentralized, market-oriented and institutionalized management mechanism ... ... is a large group of restructuring and reorganization of enterprises Management ideas.

  Because of this, cultivate and produce a lot like Zhong Chongwu, Xie Feiming so native in the enterprise outstanding management personnel;

  Precisely because of this, the management mode of Fangda Group has been successfully duplicated in different industries, creating a glorious history of all the enterprises under restructuring and reorganization restructuring that have realized a turnaround or substantial profit increase during the first year of restructuring and reorganization.

  Performance priority, post race

  On the morning of September 16, 2017, Fang Wei hosted a working conference attended by the leading party and government leaders from three hospitals in the medical sector in Shenyang.

  Faced with the three hospitals jointly proposed the introduction of talent, Fang Wei answered: "The key is to build a good plane tree." "Let people have the ability to play a platform, get the due rewards, to achieve self-worth and ideals, so that Can attract more and more outstanding talents to join the medical group of the group. "

  At the same time, the meeting launched three major policies on the employment-use distribution system:

  First, an average monthly salary of ordinary staff generally one thousand yuan; middle-level cadres to develop annual salary standards, but to widen the gap;

  Second, the post set to cancel due to the establishment of posts, employers to cancel seniority, bold use of talent;

  Third, the hospital will implement a "down three seven" award policy, in addition to annual salary and cost reduction commission, the hospital profit part of 70% of the employees, middle and high one-third of the proportion of reward cadres and staff.

  "Winning heart, fine heartbeat", is the common understanding of the vast majority of cadres and employees of Fangda Group. It is this mechanism that produces a "working emperor", but also because some people did not complete the annual profit target was fined 5000000 yuan contracted mortgage or was removed from office.

  "Position competition, performance priority," so that the top and bottom groups always maintain a strong motivation and pressure. Not only the background, academic qualifications, age, gender, just just move, open, fair, and flexible employment system, attracted talent like Yang Guang Fang Zha Gen, let Xia Jianguo (currently Ping An Steel chairman ) The "old man", who is nearly 68 years old, is still fiercely fighting at the front line. Under his leadership, Ping An Iron and Steel has made repeated achievements. It has also given more enthusiasm and vitality to countless Fangda staff.

  Right now, Fangda Group is carrying out "horseracing" in full scale. From the company to the department, to each production line, every post, from inside the enterprise to the outside of the enterprise, to the target company, , Efficiency, standard small change small leather, environmental protection and other aspects of the first place to re-prize, rank behind to be punished, the horse race results regularly announced ......

  You chase me to catch up, courageously take the lead, Fangda Group surging up and down the innovative vitality, the indicators continue to be a new record refresh.

  Three wings flutter together

  Since its restructuring in 2006, Fangda Carbon has over 100% debt ratio and has now become the largest production base of high-quality carbon products in Asia and the second largest in the world. The annual sales volume will be reduced from 40,000 tons before the restructuring to 120,000 tons by 2016; the assets of the company will reach 7.5 billion yuan, which is five times of that before the restructuring; the once-large-scale ones who have suffered losses and large amounts of tax arrears will become big profits and taxpayers now.

  Fangda Special Steel net return on assets from 2011 to maintain the first level of the industry, the second highest steel profits ranked second in the industry; 5 years for the majority of shareholders to create 2.9 billion cash dividend. Pinggang company from the huge loss to the restructuring of the rising profit level, the total profit industry rankings from 42 to the reorganization of the 6th, which belongs to Jiujiang steel tons of steel profit rankings among the industry has become the top three.

  The medical sector is moving forward to achieve the goal of "six firsts" (first-class management, first-class technology, first-class service, first-class environment, first-class equipment, first-class employee income).

  Three wings fluttering together, Fangda Group a new round of development is at a time when.


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