Condense "home" work together to achieve staff, corporate development together out of color

Time:2017-11-29 17:24

  The just past 2016 is another harvest year for the production and operation of Fangda Group Jiangxi Pinggang Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangda Pingdingshan) and another "get" year for employees.

  In recent years, the steel industry was in the doldrums. On the basis of the contrarian trend of the previous three years, Fang Daping Steel handed over a new beautiful transcript. Profit and tax and total profit all set historical records. The Company 2.47 billion yuan of profits and taxes, 1.38 billion yuan of profits, respectively, 3.52 times the previous year, 17.59 times, the two indicators are the industry's top 10 benchmark companies.

  During the year, the income and benefits of employees continued to maintain steady growth. The per capita income of on-the-job employees increased by 43.70% over the previous four years. The investment in corporate welfare policies was nearly 40 million yuan, and the total investment in the past four years was 155 million yuan. In that year, Ping An Iron and Steel, Jiujiang Iron and Steel two steel subsidiaries at the same time won the "National Model Workers House" honorary title.

  Who can imagine, just four years ago in 2012, Fangda Pingliang book losses of 1246000000 yuan, more serious is the morale of enterprises low, the development unsustainable. What makes Founder Steel reborn from the desperation? Approached Fonda Steel, in a thick "home" atmosphere, we strongly feel that it is business moment "employees as the center," pooling employees "to the enterprise as their own Home "strong together to promote business and staff to create, share and build.

  Create: public innovation common practice

  In March 2016, the rolling mill of Jiujiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fangda Pingtou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, was bustling. "Will you sign up?" "What kind of director do you think we should choose from?" Originally, in order to reverse the sluggish production situation, the company made a "surprising" decision that the existing team in the plant should all be dismissed and implemented "Sea election." In other words, all employees can sign up for the competition, while all employees are voters, allowing employees to vote for the new team that everyone recognizes and trust. In the end, He Hong, a scientific and technological cadres at the rolling mill, was selected by the staff as director. After he took office, he introduced a series of drastic management measures, rolling mill production situation, the staff's mental outlook changed rapidly. By the end of the year, of the 28 major economic and technological indexes of Jiujiang Iron and Steel Rolling Mill, 23 entered the first quarter of square meters of the same trade enterprises in the country, among which the energy consumption index of sheet metal workmanship ranked No. 1 in the country, Three.

  Dispute on the eligibility for seniority, eclectic selection of employment, such cases in the Dafang Steel abound. Many of the officials and staff who may have to wait for more than 10 years before they have the opportunity to advance quickly move onto the middle management posts and exert their talents. Even some employees, through competition, from the general management positions directly onto the middle management positions.

  Recalling Fangda Ping Steel contrarian growth in recent years, it is mechanism innovation, inspire the work enthusiasm of staff and businesses at all levels contain great potential.

  Four years ago, when Fangda Group reorganized Pinggang, the first move of the reform was to innovate the employment management mechanism, fully delegate power, break the original top-level centralized mode, and decentralize power levels at a time. Now grass-roots cadres have the right to advice, cabinet power. At the same time, the establishment of "horse racing" mechanism, performance-oriented, to achieve the cadres can get under; to establish a fault-tolerant mechanism to encourage staff to boldly innovate, because of innovation in the work and mistakes, as long as the starting point and purpose is good, not to be held accountable .

  Fang Dagang Steel guide staff innovation, so that employees grow in innovation, while benefiting from innovation. The Company formulated a multi-awarding scheme for employees and granted grants to engineers, technicians and technicians to break the original "single-handedly bridged management of single-handedly bridged bridge" situation. There was also a move toward dry technology and the income may exceed that of "long" ; Small reform to develop a new small leather reward program, to give small change small leather hit the amount of 20% of the reward; create "model innovation studio" "engineer innovation studio", to the top-notch technology talent, technology leader to build innovation platform.

  Within a short span of four years, mass innovation within the enterprise has become a reality, and employees are smart and intelligent. Among them, the national patents declared by enterprises have achieved "zero" breakthrough, and now there are 11 items. In 2016, Fangda Steel employees implemented a total of 2,216 small change small leather, creating more than 4350 million yuan for enterprises.

  Share: Make employees feel "Get Sense"

  On March 21, 2016, a special symposium was held in Ping An Iron and Steel. The leaders of Fangda Group and related departments conducted face-to-face meetings with employees suffering from major diseases such as cancer to understand the work and difficulties of sick employees and listen to them The aspirations of the voice. Live atmosphere warm and warm. In particular, the meeting announced on the spot a policy of caring for employees suffering from major diseases such as cancer: Employees can freely choose to work in post or recuperate according to their physical conditions. The monthly salary of employees who are on-the-job and capable of work should not be lower than the monthly average of the company Wages, monthly recuperation leave treatment according to the local minimum wage standards until retirement. Staff excited voice choked, tears flowing.

  "Enterprises should be staff-centered, think the staff of the urgency of urgent staff." Is a large group of "good for staff," a consistent approach. Based on this, for the past four years, according to the deployment of the Group, Fang Daping Steel has successively implemented free welfare meals, distribution of mobile phones and subsidized telephone bills, employee benefits, staff spouses, medical subsidies for staff and children, and other welfare policies. In 2016, two new welfare policies, namely medical subsidies and inspirational scholarships for staff and parents, were added to the original medical support. Among them, the medical subsidy is within the scope of the national medical insurance for individual medical expenses, enterprises give full subsidy; inspirational scholarship is the company employees and children undergraduate admitted to the top 20 domestic universities to be funded by the full tuition, admitted to the top 50 The World University grants a scholarship of 80,000 yuan each year, and 5,000 yuan / year and 20,000 yuan / year for children of families with difficulties in their work.

  Employee parents are relatively old, and medical expenses are not small numbers. This subsidy is not a small expenditure for the enterprise but it has solved some major problems for some employees. In 2016, the total cost of medical funds for Fangda Ping's steel was RMB8.3429 million, an increase of RMB5.8637 million over the previous year. Among them, 3695 were for employees 'parents and their expenses were 5.493 million yuan, exceeding the sum of medical aid for employees, staff spouses and employees' children, To achieve a "one person on duty, home security."

  Especially when the price of steel dropped to a new low of nearly 20 years in 2015, Fangda Group put forward: "Although the steel market is not in a good shape, we should achieve 'three reductions', not reduce one employee, Dividend wages, no reduction in staff penny welfare. "" The more the industry situation is not good, the more we must take the interests of employees in mind, must not be an employee to the community, we have to shoulder the social responsibility for the government share "

  In 2016, Fangda Pinggang responded to the call of the state and took the initiative to shut down a 420m3 blast furnace and its associated steel-making and oxygenation processes, while shutting down 500,000 tons of coking plants. As a result of going to the production capacity, a surplus of 2370 employees appeared. However, Fang Daping did not push an employee to the society. At the same time, the company also introduced incentive policies to increase employees' income. For example, after completing the full-year profit target, the company can obtain 20% -30% "benefit rewards" and rewards the top executives, middle-level and employees with outstanding performance. The company's monthly profit , To each employee an additional 500 yuan salary.

  "To achieve common happiness, one can not drop the team!" To be employees such as their loved ones, so that employees share the fruits of enterprise reform and development, so Fangda Ping Steel employees face steel winter, but it comes from the company's warm, full of happiness and "Get a sense of" up and down the formation of an unprecedented cohesion.

  Build: make staff development and business development together

  Wan Shuang, who was an ordinary migrant worker who went out to work in Jiujiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in 2010, worked as a turner. In 2013, he ushered in the spring of technology growth and life, when he won the first place in the company's vocational skills competition, won the title of Jiangxi Young Staff Professional Skills Competition, and took the title of "Jiangxi Province Skill" ; In 2014, Jiujiang Iron & Steel established Wan Wan Studio under the name of Wan Shuang; in 2015, Wan Shuang was elected a model worker of Jiangxi Province in 2015; and in 2016, he was gloriously elected as the representative of the 14th Party Congress in Jiangxi Province.

  As a young technician who was born in 1986, this series of honors was never dreamed of before. "I went to a lot of places when I was working, Fujian, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu ... But only in Fangda, I really felt home."

  Wan Wan's experience is a typical epitome of the growth of a large number of employees at Fangda Pingping in the enterprise. It is a true portrayal of Fangda Pinggang's "development depends on employees and employees must truly become business owners".

  In order to make employees truly become business owners, Fang Daping Steel first made its employees the protagonists of production and management. Through employing employment mechanism and distribution system reform, strengthening training and establishing incentive system and other measures to create a strong atmosphere of respecting labor and respecting science, Give employees a career promotion, show themselves a broad stage.

  In the meantime, the company listened attentively to the "voice" of employees during the process of enterprise reform and development, allowing employees to participate in management and decision-making. Fang Dafang Iron and Steel adhere to the system of representative system of workers and staff members as the basic form of democratic management system, involving the vital interests of employees voted on behalf of staff and workers, safeguarding the rights and interests of employees; adhere to open factory, so that employees clearly understand "know the family" The open work has been highly praised by the National Institute of Democracy in Industry and Management and the General Labor Union of Jiangxi Province.

  Employees become the masters of the business, but also effectively regard the business as their own home and realize the change from "asking me to do" to "I want to do it."

  During the process of undertaking foreign labor by enterprises, many workshops and teams took the initiative to undertake such new tasks as handling and cleaning up. Many employees took the initiative to sign up for such difficult posts as unloading and unloading, and the staff of the department gave up volunteer work on rest days and actively participated in the unloading of trucks and sanitation, Tree planting green and other work. As a result of staffs undertaking external labor services, the Company saved labor expenses over 38 million yuan in 2016 over 2015.

  Especially in the fine management of Fangda Ping-steel management, the majority of staff intensive, crafted, "steel artisans," the spirit of positive efforts to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Such cases, Fang Daping steel units, all positions come in handy: Ping An Iron and Steel Plant Power Station workers take the initiative to repair the old roller, the annual savings of spare parts costs nearly 1.6 million yuan; equipment and materials companies looking for direct suppliers of diesel to reduce the purchasing by brokers Of the procurement costs per month can create more than 10 million; Jiujiang Iron and Steel Smelter strict control of material consumption, the monthly cost of 110,000 yuan drop; rolling mill to improve the quality of billet heating and reduce metal loss, a year can be more than 2.5 million yuan . It is estimated that in 2016, the effectiveness of tapping potential within enterprises results in more than 50% of the company's annual profit.

  During the four years, Fangda Pinggang turned profit from huge loss. Employees also found their coordinates in life development in enterprise development and jointly interpreted the wonderful steel story.

  It is a corporate policy that Fang Dafang Steel practices the party culture of Fangda Group in a down-to-earth manner and adheres to the corporate principle of "listening to the party's words and walking with the party", adhering to the principle of "operating the enterprise in favor of the government and the enterprise, Workers benefit "values ​​firm belief and action, but also Fang Daping steel in the industry downturn in the fundamental guarantee.

  Adhere to the "create, share, build together", Fang Daping Steel will inevitably burst into a powerful synergies and impetus to promote the supply-side structural reforms to further deepen the new situation down stable, realize the development of enterprises even more outstanding, to achieve each enterprise Staff's life even more outstanding! (Source: First Financial Network People's Daily and other media)


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