Graphite electrodes are welcomed by the market what are the reasons?

Time:2017-11-29 17:27

  Graphite electrode has the advantage of easier processing, high EDM removal rate, and low graphite loss. Therefore, some group-based EDM customers abandoned the copper electrode instead of the graphite electrode. In addition, some special shape of the electrode can not be made of copper, but graphite is easier to shape, and the heavy copper electrode is not suitable for processing large electrodes, these factors have caused some of the group-based EDM customers graphite electrodes.

  Graphite electrodes are easier to process and process faster than copper electrodes. For example, the use of milling process graphite, the processing speed than other metal processing 2 to 3 times faster and does not require additional manual processing, and the copper electrode requires manual setbacks. Similarly, the use of high-speed graphite machining centers to make electrodes is faster and more efficient, with no dust problems. In these processes, the choice of suitable hardness tools and graphite can reduce tool wear and tear and copper damage. If we compare the milling time of graphite electrode with that of copper electrode, the graphite is 67% faster than the copper electrode. In the normal discharge machining, the graphite electrode is processed by 58% faster than the copper electrode. As a result, the processing time is significantly reduced, while reducing manufacturing costs.

  Graphite electrodes have different designs from traditional copper electrodes. Many mold shops usually have different reserves of copper for roughing and finishing, while graphite electrodes use almost the same amount of reserve, which reduces the number of CAD / CAM and machine jobs, and for that reason alone Sufficient to greatly improve the accuracy of the mold cavity.


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