Training for Quality Management System and Nuclear Quality Assurance System

Time:2017-11-29 17:29

  To strengthen the ISO9000 quality management system and push forward establishment of HAF003 nuclear quality assurance system, we have organized general knowledge training of ISO9000 and HAF003 systems for new recruits, and transferees from other positions inside the company. 40 personnel have participated in the training.

  Cao Qunzhi, and Liu Yinwu, speakers of the training, gave a full introduction in aspect of nuclear power development, nuclear safety culture, relevant knowledge of HAF003, and quality management system.

  This training enabled every trainee to understand the role they played in nuclear quality assurance system and quality management system and their job responsibilities and consequences. Also, this training contributed to the theory-building of nuclear culture and system among employees to enhance their sense of quality management and meet the “all rule-based, evidence-based, responsibility-based and supervision-based” requirements.


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