Ruediger Mackenthun, Vice President of SGL Group Paid a Visit to Fangda Group

Time:2017-11-29 17:31

  On 26 November, Ruediger Mackenthun, vice president and sales head of special carbon of SGL Group, Doctor He Wen, president of SGL China Area, Yang Xizhou, sales director of Asia-Pacific area have visited the Group. Chairman He Zhonghua of Fangda Carbon, Party Secretary of the Group, vice chairman Tao Lin of Fangda Carbon, general engineer of the Group, Xin Huo, Party Secretary of Fangda Carbon, and Shu Wenbo, general manager of Chengdu Carbon, have warmly welcomed them.

  Chairman He Zhonghua appreciated the warm welcome they received when visiting SGL in September, and expressed welcome to Ruediger Mackenthun and his fellows. He indicated, “The two parties will have deeper discussion on cooperation during the meeting. SGL and Fangda Group must make some difference in carbon field, which will not only contribute to both companies but also to the world carbon industry. “Ruediger Mackenthun extended thanks to the Group and hope both sides will deepen understanding by exchanges and seek chance to work together in the future.

  Both sides focused on special carbon and made deep discussion. Tao Lin introduced the situation of special carbon in photovoltaicand EDM industry of China. He said, there is an obvious surplus of production in China’s photovoltaic market, and Chinese government is making effort to intensity regulation on photovoltaic industry. In particular, since the third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, Chinese government highlighted the decisive role of resource allocation in market. The market of photovoltaic industry turned towards rationality through robust development in 2010, and 2011, which is a good thing for us well-established companies with absolute advanced position in the market.

  Tao Lin gave a detailed analysis on the capacity of China isostatic graphite and introduced production situation and future goal of Chengdu Carbon isostatic graphite. He expressed that China photovoltaic market embraces a huge growth potential, and with application to other fields, we may expand capacity in the long run. He also made anticipation in the demand and increase ratio of isostatic graphite in solo energy photovoltaic industry in 2014. He suggested both sides can enhance personnel communication and discuss on market and products, seek common ground and prepare for the following cooperation.

  Ruediger Mackenthun analyzed the mentioned above in global perspective. He anticipated that the future global photovoltaic market might meet downturn, though the price may not be further lowered, also there’s no sign of rise. Global market demand for isostatic graphite drops down in short term, with excess production capacity, we can turn to application of isostatic graphite to other fields thus the future situation may turn better.

  Both sides reached common ground on many aspects, and have discussed relevant issues, exchanged important information regarding this field and expressed will of cooperation. In the end, Chairman He Zhonghua addressed, “it’s a long term process to cooperate. Both sides are suggested to draft specific plans for production and market, to build regular communication mechanism, maintain contact and exchange. SGL Group is always welcomed to visit Fangda Group.”


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